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Digital tool that helps you read and write when you work on Mac, tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks

IntoWords is a digital tool that reads texts aloud – online, from PDF files and from text programs. When you are writing, IntoWords helps you by suggesting words.

  • Read at the same speed as your schoolmates or colleagues

  • Write easily and more correctly

  • Multi-platform meaning you get help anywhere and on any device

A discreet toolbar

IntoWords is visitble as a discreet toolbar that can be located flexibly on your screen. It offers advanced litteracy support, lowers the treshold to learning and communication and supports inclusion in a ‘bring your own device’ environment.

IntoWords or IntoWords Pro

IntoWords works on tablets, smartphones, Mac and Chromebooks. You can use each tool as a stand-alone or combine them fx in a Bring-Your-Own-Device environment. IntoWords Pro is a PC-based tool offering help whether you work on- or offline.

A lot of features

Read aloud with various strategies and highlighting, word suggestions, help with spelling, word prediction, generate own glossaries, search for workds using wildcards, easy or zero installation.

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Further information

You can get further information about IntoWords Pro by calling and/or writing to us:

Tel. +4565918022


Free trial

If you would like to try IntoWords Pro for free for up to 30 days, please call +4565918022.

You can try IntoWords for iPad for free, simply by downloading it from the App-store.

Når du har udfyldt formularen, vil du blive kontaktet af en af vores konsulenter omkring et uforpligtende tilbud.

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