Everyone can read and write with our digital reading and writing tools !

'IntoWords Pro made it a natural choice to continue my studies”

With the right tools and methods, she learned to manage her dyslexia and, in the process, acquired some special study skills that she believes all students could benefit from.

'IntoWords Pro can guess your thoughts' - Kristina Hussak, Development Manager at MV-Nordic explains

24-year-old Mathilde Thougaard has used IntoWords Pro in upper secondary school and at university.

Ung pige i klasseværelse

The freedom to read and write

Thanks to modern, digital tools, dyslexia or reading and writing difficulties are no longer an obstable to getting an education, climbing the career ladder or interacting on the social medias.

Our tools, IntoWords, can be used as a personal aid to compensate for any reading and writing difficulties. Or as a teaching aid that helps everyone to read and write better, in other languages, too !

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