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Why you should use IntoWords in your classroom


Research has shown interesting results when pupils and students use IT-based literacy tools in an educational context. By combining intelligent word prediction and text-to-speech, students and pupils make rapid and permanent progress in their literacy skills. In Scandinavia, this approach is known as "Integrated write to read", (iWTR), in other words, I write to read!


IntoWords is based on a multisensory approach to reading and writing. New readers and struggling readers will particularly benefit from using IntoWords. Schools will strengthen learning considerably by using IntoWords as a supplement to the educators' reading systems, books and web-based learning systems.


IntoWords motivates students and pupils to create content and write about things they like, thereby making unique progress in their reading and writing skills.


IntoWords is thus a new and important stepping stone both for students and pupils to learn and for their educators to achieve success in their teaching.