IntoWords Pro made it a natural choice to continue my studies

24-year-old Mathilde Thougaard has used IntoWords Pro in upper secondary school and at university. In the course of her studies, she has particularly benefited from the list of suggested words, the dictation feature and the speech function (reading aloud).

“IntoWords Pro made it a natural choice to continue my studies”

With the right tools and methods, she learned to manage her dyslexia and, in the process, acquired some special study skills that she believes all students could benefit from.


At primary school, Mathilde had difficulty writing and was sent on many spelling and grammar courses. She often found the courses tiring and useless, and it was unpleasant to be taken out of the class in front of the other children. It wasn’t until she was tested in upper secondary school that Mathilde’s dyslexia was discovered and taken much more seriously: “I was given access to a whole system for dealing with dyslexia. Along with IntoWords Pro, I was assigned a teacher who helped me use the programs and identify all the mistakes I was making so I could do better.”

This new approach to her challenges was different from what she had previously experienced: “You’re dyslexic,” she was told. “We’re not here to teach you to spell perfectly, but to use the tools that are available.” For Mathilde, this approach made a real difference, motivating her to do her schoolwork.

Taking the next step with IntoWords Pro came naturally

Mathilde was in no doubt that she wanted to apply for a degree programme in aesthetics and culture after leaving school, as she has always been fascinated by the creative side of things. However, she knew she had some hard work ahead of her to get the required grades. At school, therefore, she was keen to try new techniques and programs, and worked hard with them: “I knew I had to fight for it, and I really think the programs and techniques I got from IntoWords Pro helped me get the grades I needed.”

Despite her challenges with dyslexia, Mathilde does not remember ever thinking it was impossible for her to do a university degree. It has been reassuring for her to know she has had support she could rely on: “It’s been a great comfort to have the tools I’ve had, and because of that I never doubted that things would work out all right… The help I got made it very natural to take the next step, just like my other friends did.”

“Dyslexia has made me a better student”

Mathilde is always aware of her weaknesses and what she needs to focus on. This often makes her written work more thorough than many of her fellow students’ work. In fact, Mathilde believes the techniques she’s been introduced to through IntoWords Pro could benefit everyone, since they develop basic study skills that help you spot your mistakes. But for dyslexic people in particular, IntoWords Pro is an extremely valuable tool. IntoWords Pro has been a major but natural part of Mathilde’s education, and she’s convinced it helps make her a better student. Mathilde doesn’t think dyslexia should be an obstacle to anyone. It certainly isn’t for her any more.

By Line Juul Madsen
bachelor degree in media studies.

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