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As a user of the MV-Nordic A/S web sites you will remain anonymous. This means that we do not automatically record any information that can identify you.

Cookie policy

When you visit our websites, a cookie is placed on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that many websites use to recognize your computer at each visit. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread viruses or other malicious programs. To learn more about what cookies are, how you can block them or delete them, we recommend you to visit the website

How do we use cookies?

We only use cookies in an aggregated form in statistics that allow us to keep track of how many people visit the various parts of our websites in order to make them as user friendly as possible.


In order to develop and improve our services, we compile statistics about how websites are being used. The statistics are used in aggregate form, for example to see which keywords from search engines drive the most visits and the words and phrases that are most often searched. 

Cookies may collect the following types of information about you during visits to our pages:

  • browser type
  • operating system
  • IP-adress
  • URL for the page you are visting
  • time of your visit to our service
  • if you followed a link from another website to one of our sites, the cookie detects where you came from
  • screen resolution

Data from cookies can not be used to collect personal information about you. No information from cookies is passed on or sold to third parties..