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MV-Nordic - Learning made easy

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MV-Nordic is the leading supplier of mainstream and assistive reading and writing tools for education and communication. 


MV-Nordic is a Danish IT company that develops and distributes software for communication and learning.


The headquaters of MV-Nordic is situated in Odense, where the company originally started. Among others, we employ software developers, educational consultants, sales advisers, supporters, and course organizers to steadily innovate and meet the requirements of our customers.


We have associated companies in both Norway and Sweden and we have around 80 employees in total. We have distributors in the Netherlands and the Faroe Islands.


30 years of experience

In 1984, we were first movers in integrating IT into teaching at schools in Denmark. From an era of floppy disks and DOS, we have grown to a leading position within assistive reading and writing technology for teaching and learning in Scandinavia. Our products include 'IntoWords' which offers advanced literacy support, lowers the threshold to learning and communication and supports inclusion in a 'bring your own device' environment.


As evidence of this, we have reached a market share of 80% of all primary schools in Denmark and about 50% in Norway and Sweden. Furthermore, our products help students in higher education, employees at private companies, health care workers, private individuals and many more besides.


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