Everyone can read and write

CD-ORD and IntoWords helps you read and write

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Ung pige i klasseværelse

The freedom to read and write

Thanks to modern, digital tools, dyslexia or reading and writing difficulties are no longer an obstable to getting an education, climbing the career ladder or interacting on the social medias.

Our tools, IntoWords, can be used as a personal aid to compensate for any reading and writing difficulties. Or as a teaching aid that helps everyone to read and write better, in other languages, too !

Access to knowledge, education and community

By reading aloud, IntoWords frees up your ressources, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. This gives you access to the same information as your schoolmates, colleagues and friends, allowing you to participate in professional and social conversations on equal terms.

Richer language and more correct writing

The word suggestions allow you to write even if you have difficulty spelling. And they pave the way for more correct and linguistically varied texts.

'IntoWords Pro made it a natural choice to continue my studies”

With the right tools and methods, she learned to manage her dyslexia and, in the process, acquired some special study skills that she believes all students could benefit from.